What is Enamel? Is it healthy?

Emaye Nedir? Sağlıklı Mıdır?

Enamel means covered with enamel. Enamel, on the other hand, is a kind of lacquer with a glassy appearance. The first use of this polish dates back to ancient times. It was first used by Ancient Greek jewelers in the 5th century BC. Jewelers of the period used enamel to adjust the color tone of valuable items such as jewellery, rather than today's usage areas. In the 9th century, it became the new address of Byzantine enamel. Enamel, which is used in different areas of use with industrialization, came to our country in the mid-1900s. Although enamel is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to enamel, enamel is actually used in many areas. Enamel is also preferred in different areas such as combi boilers, white goods and durable household appliances. The reason why enamel is preferred in such areas is that it is extremely heat resistant, robust and healthy.

The enamel goes through many stages until it is applied to the surface. When various substances come together, the substance called enamel appears. It has an enamel glassy appearance that creates a shiny surface where it is used. Enamel not only polishes the surface it is used on but also protects it. The strength and durability of the product is increased by coating it with enamel. After many substances come together to form enamel, it is fired in the oven at very high temperatures. Enamel products prepared at high temperatures are therefore highly resistant to very high temperatures. Having a glassy glossy appearance and being extremely durable at the same time, it is used in different areas.

It is your natural right to be selective when purchasing kitchen products. Considering the harm that plastic products cause to both nature and health, it would be a better decision to buy the healthiest products. Enamel teapots and enamel plates that will accompany you at your table are not harmful for you as long as they are not scratched. When scratched and excessively worn, it can become harmful as the ingredients will come into contact with the food. If the enamel pot is scratched or cracked, it is unfortunately not possible to repair it, so it is useful to be careful when using it. Although there are alternative methods such as enamel pot repair paste, it is not easy to reach experts for application. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take care that there are no scratches. Of course, we recommend you to use wooden spoons for long-lasting enamel products. As long as you cook your meals with wooden spoons, enamel pots and enameled household utensils will last longer.


Neden Emaye Kullanılmalı?
Why Use Enamel?
Emaye ürünler nasıl kullanılır ve nasıl temizlenir?
How to use and clean enamel products?