How to use and clean enamel products?

Emaye ürünler nasıl kullanılır ve nasıl temizlenir?

Pay attention should be paid to the use of enamel products, which are generally preferred in kitchens. Enamel products are divided into two. These are known as cast-iron enamel and enamel-on-metal. The duration of use of these two types of enamel is different. In order for enamel products to be long-lasting, care should be taken to ensure that they are never scratched.

When enamel products are used correctly, delicious and healthy meals can be cooked. For this reason, steel or metal spoons should never be used when using enamel pots or other products. A wooden spoon must be used when cooking in an enamel pot. In addition, enamel pots can be stored in the refrigerator. Enamel products, which do not give off the smell, do not smell from the outside. Care should also be taken to ensure that enamel products are not suddenly exposed to high temperatures. You can try gradually increasing the heat. In this way, the burning situation will be eliminated.

A lot of attention should be paid to the cleanliness of enamel products, which have been used with great care from the past to the present. Since it is used too much in the kitchen, enamel products get dirty faster. When oil drips, food overflows, or water spots remain, it will cause a nasty appearance. These stains on pots and kitchen products are also noticeable. Therefore, great care should be taken when cleaning and maintaining the enamel. Baking soda can be used instead of conventional dishwashing detergents, especially when cleaning enamel pots. Thanks to baking soda, the surface of enamel products will be brighter and whiter. Enamel products should not be washed with wire or hard brushes. In this way, the products may be damaged. For this reason, enamel pots cleaned with a soft sponge can be rinsed with a damp cloth afterwards. In this way, enamel products are prepared and removed cleanly for the next meal.

There are practical methods you can apply to clean the limescale and stains caused by high fever in enameled teapots. After mixing some olive oil and baking soda, you can wipe the teapot with the help of a sponge. This process ensures both the cleaning of stains and the cleaning of the teapot without any scratches. After this process, the enamel teapot should be left for at least 20 minutes. Then you should rinse the teapot with plenty of water. As with every job, there is an easy method for enamel cooker cleaning. Just as it is applied for other enamelware, you can keep the stoves clean with baking soda and olive oil. With the help of a damp cloth, you should apply the mixture of baking soda and olive oil to the surface of the stove and rub it in a way that is not hard. Then you should clean the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth. Your brighter and cleaner cooktops will be ready for your next meal.


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